Topic - General Questions

Don’t ever reveal your PokerLion account password to anyone and us, as well. We never ask any member of our platform to share their password with us and you will only require your password to login to your account. It’s your responsibility to protect your password and thus we recommend you to change your password often.

What is the system configuration I need for the software?

  • System Memory - 256 MB RAM
  • Processor - Pentium III, 800 MHz
  • Video Memory - 32 MB RAM
  • Video Resolution - 800 x 600 pixels, 16 bit color (Hi-color)
  • Hard Disk Drive Space - Downloaded-20 MB
  • Peripherals - Standard Mouse, Keyboard
  • Hard Disk Drive Space - Installed-50 MB
  • Internet Access - 28.8 Kbps Modem Connection Speed

Given below is the list of the supported OS:

  • Microsoft Windows XP Home Service Pack 3
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows 8

List of Browsers - Google Chrome, Opera, FireFox2.0 or later, Safari 5.1.10 or later and Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 or later. Software - Flash Player 9 or higher

For the installation of PokerLion software, click on “Download and Play” button on the PokerLion website. The PokerLion setup file will get downloaded on your system. Double click on the setup file of the app, select “Yes” and “Install” Button to continue installation.

Sadly, we are presently not hosting games via. Mobile site, Our PokerLion Mobile App is under development and will be launched soon to serve you the best gaming experience.

To play through your mobile, type www.PokerLion.com in your mobile browser and log in to your account with your chosen username and password. From your account, choose your preferred table to buy-in and begin your game.

You need to open your account and be a registered member to play at Pokerlion. Be a member by using your email address/mobile number. Bear in mind, you ought to be 18 years old minimum for opening a real money account with our website.


  • This end user license agreement (the ‘Agreement’) must be read by you (the ‘User’ or ‘you’) in its entirety prior to your use of PokerLion services or products.
  • By entering into this Agreement, you acknowledge that PokerLion and each of its officers, directors, agents, employees, consultants, suppliers, vendors and affiliates are collectively " Company/we/us/our".
  • When you click the “REGISTER” button, we will assume your consent to our terms. You are representing and warranting that you completely understand and agree to comply with all our terms and conditions. This includes all the posted guidelines or rules valid to our services and products and incorporated into this Agreement. You also agree that failure to abide by these terms and conditions might result in the disqualification, forfeiture of funds, account closure and/or legal action against you. If you have any further queries about these terms and conditions, you can ask for an independent counsel before opting to register with us. PokerLion reserves the right to withhold, amend, or withdraw each of the Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

Topic - Game Play

Participants at PokerLion are relied upon to play decently, and as per the soul of the game. The accompanying rules must be followed:

  • Opening a PokerLion Account
  • Connections
  • Unjustifiable Play
  • Time Bank
  • Voice Chat/Live Chat
  • Security of Account
  • Miscellaneous
Opening a PokerLion Account:

To play at PokerLion, you should be 18 years old, or the period of greater part in your lawful ward (whichever is higher). You might be made a request to give verification that you are of lawful age. You may not get to PokerLion from any purview where it is unlawful to do as such. To play for genuine cash, you should give your right full name, your right date of birth and your present address (counting zip/postal code). You may just have one PokerLion login account. You may play on your PokerLion account just, and you may not give other individuals a chance to utilize your record.


PokerLion acknowledges no duty regarding the nature of your Internet association or for any interruptions to it, with the exception of those specifically identified with PokerLion's administration.

Out of line Play:

Out of line play, for example, Collusion, Intentional exchanging of assets, different record manhandle, and utilization of precluded projects may bring about punishments at PokerLion tact. These punishments may incorporate notices, limitations on playing with certain different participants, seizure of assets, and the end of your PokerLion game account.
If PokerLion considers that a User has connected with or endeavored to take part in out of line play, including without confinement, taking part in any of the exercises put forward above or some other game control, PokerLion might be qualified for make such move as it considers fit, to be depicted in our Terms of Service.

Time Bank:

Every participant will be apportioned a period bank which enables the participant additional opportunity to settle on a choice. The time bank exhausts as it is utilized. On the off chance that a participant chooses to utilize his or her opportunity bank, different participants at the table will be told.
On the other hand, if a participant neglects to act in time, the time bank will be actuated consequently if the accompanying conditions are met:

  • The participant is associated with the framework when his or her chance lapses; and
  • The participant has cash put resources into the pot (blinds and stakes are considered as cash put resources into the pot)
  • The time bank can not be physically broadened or recharged by PokerLion
Voice Chat/Live Chat:

You are required to visit in a way that would be fitting in an open, eye to eye online poker cash games. It is entirely disallowed to utilize talk for any malevolent or hostile conduct, including however not constrained to arrangement, extortion, spam, and additionally provocation. Injurious, foul, bigot, debilitating or generally improper visit won't go on without serious consequences.
You are required to visit in a way that would be fitting in an open, eye to eye online poker cash games. It is entirely disallowed to utilize talk for any malevolent or hostile conduct, including however not constrained to arrangement, extortion, spam, and additionally provocation. Injurious, foul, bigot, debilitating or generally improper visit won't go on without serious consequences.
You may not utilize the PokerLion talk highlight for any business utilize at all including putting forth any expressions which advance any administration or result of any gathering with the exception of PokerLion. What's more, you might not make articulations about PokerLion or its administrations that are false or can be thought to be deprecatory or basic.
You may not "surges" the visit box by entering a lot of content keeping in mind the end goal to meddle with the customary utilization of the talk office by another participant.
You may not spam tables with declarations of private competitions or Sit and Go events. You may not make any remarks which may influence the play of any hand or competition, regardless of the possibility that you are an eyewitness. There are two exemptions to run this show:
In real money game hands which are heads up (every other person has collapsed, or the hand began with two participants) the two participants included may visit about the hand as they wish.
In competitions which are heads up (every other person has been thumped out of the competition, or the competition began with two participants), the two participants included may talk about the hand as they wish.
On the off chance that you don't comply with these rules, it might bring in the following:

  • Participants being restricted from the online poker India Room
  • Participants being disqualified and expelled from the game
  • Participant's chat feature being incapacitated

Note: On Anonymous Tables, remarks made while talking are unknown. This guarantees all personalities are secured. Be that as it may, every participant will see their own particular false name while visiting. The House will even now utilize your genuine assumed name to screen talks, and guarantee rules are taken after.

Security of Account:

You should take sensible measures to ensure your secret word and record data, and must not impart it to any outsider. Specifically, we urge participants to pick a solid secret word, and to utilize one of the extra security highlights offered by PokerLion, for example, the PokerLion OTP.
You should take sensible measures to shield your PC and Internet association from unapproved get to and malignant programming.
PokerLion can't be held at risk for any misfortunes that outcome from a rupture of security on your machine.


All PokerLion games utilize a standard 52 poker cards deck, which is rearranged before the beginning of each hand, and set.
In draw games, if the first 52 card deck is lacking to enable a participant to draw the quantity of cards asked for, the rest of the deck and the greater part of the cards disposed of by participants beforehand (counting those disposed of by participants on the present illustration round) are rearranged together to make another deck.
Once a reshuffle has happened, the server will keep a participant from getting back a particular card he has beforehand disposed of.
In No Limit and Pot Limit games, the base wager will be equivalent to the huge visually impaired. In any case, PokerLion regards the huge visually impaired as a raise of the little visually impaired. That implies that pre-slump, any bring up in an unopened pot that is equivalent to or more prominent than the little visually impaired revives the activity.
The Card Room Rules (counting the Ring Game Rules and the Tournament Rules) as recorded here are planned to supplement the Terms of Service, not replace them.
In case of an inconsistency between the Card Room Rules (counting the Ring Game Rules and the Tournament Rules) and the Terms of Service, the Terms of Service might outweigh everything else.
In case of an inconsistency between the Card Room Rules and the Tournament Rules, the Tournament Rules will outweigh everything else in a competition situation.
In case of an inconsistency between the Card Room Rules and the Ring Game Rules, the Ring Game Rules will outweigh everything else in a ring game situation.PokerLion maintains whatever authority is needed to adjust the Card Room Rules, Tournament Rules, Ring Game Rules or Terms of Service whenever, with no earlier notice.
PokerLion maintains whatever authority is needed to end your record, or make some other move in regards to your record it esteems fit, without see, if the above guidelines are ruptured. If there should arise an occurrence of question, PokerLion's administration choice will be last.

At PokerLion we are proud to run a fair and friendly online poker room. For us, it is crucial that participants visiting us are able to identify the competitors against whom they have played earlier. So hence once you are required to pick your alias, it must stay same unless generally agreed by us. Mutually, your User ID and Alias ought to be picked suitably and shouldn't contain anything which may cause offense. We claim all authority to change any alias to something more fitting.
We enable our participants to change their Alias name once in 30 days (or) in the wake of playing 1000 Raked Hands.
Everybody needs to look awesome when they're winning, which is the reason at PokerLion you can choose precisely what you'd get a kick out of the chance to have a ton of fun/exemplary symbol.
Pick from 132 one of a kind fun symbol which is accessible for the sake of entertainment symbol area or, in the event that you need to be truly exceptional and unique you can pick your own and transfer it here in the customer as great symbol.
Your Avatar will speak to you in every aspect of the PokerLion customer from the game table to your profile page, so ensure you pick prudently.

Here's the manner by which to get those basic poker insights about your play, regardless of whether you need to altogether investigate them after the amusement, or continue best of your poker play continuously! They can be utilized for poker tournaments online for money, Cash recreations and Sit and Go'es
The most straight forward approach to keep an eye on your poker insights are through the talk encloses the base left corner of the table screen of downloaded programming. When you click the Statistics tab, you will be given:

  • The Table measurements % for your Actions and where you crease
  • The general % of amusements you won and % of pots you won at standoff and Flop. It will likewise show the % of Flops seen
  • You can reset the details also by clicking over 'Reset Tab'

  • You can ask for a hand history from the PokerLion hall of downloaded programming. From the 'Inclination' tab, 'pick Hand History'. You can ask for up to your last 9999 hands (or) for a time of 99 days, every one of the hands you played in a competition, or a particular single hand.
  • We likewise offer a 'Moment Hand History' (IHH) include at all tables, which will permit you (even affecting everything cash tables and in free moves) to survey your latest hands. To dispatch this element, essentially click on the Visualize image at the base left of the table. A window will open where you can use to replay a hand outwardly.
  • You would likewise discover First, Previous, Next and Last catch to take you to the coveted hand which you need to see.

No, it doesn't. In the event that you play your hand to the confrontation and you hold the triumphant hand, it will dependably naturally be appeared. This element shields you from inadvertently messing a champ.

At any table, everything of the pot, including every single current wager, is constantly shown numerically at the highest point of the table over the merchant's plate or 'Choices' catch. Additionally, toward the finish of each wagering round, all wagers are gathered amidst the table, and changed over into higher division chips so you can without much of a stretch see the pot's aggregate esteem.

The minimal purchase in our poker space for Fixed Limit tables is ten times the little wager (the wager on the initial two wagering rounds). For instance, on a ₹10/₹ 20 tables, the base purchase in would be ₹100. For No Limit and Pot Limit poker delights, PokerLion offers distinctive purchase in sums for various tables. Standard tables have a most extreme buy in of 100 major blinds and a base purchase in of 20, 30, or 40 major blinds. The tables marked 'Short' and 'Top' permit buy-ins of in the vicinity of 20 and 50 major blinds. 'Profound' tables offer an upfront investment scope of 100-250 major blinds.

When you endeavor to join a table that is full, you can utilize the Seat Finder highlight to locate an empty seat at a comparative table in the downloaded programming.
If you have empowered auto purchase in, these settings apply. You are naturally situated at an applicable table when a seat is accessible.
The table you are situated at must have the same:

  • Bet limit type
  • Bet response time
  • Game Type, such as Hold'em
  • Stakes
  • Play mode - Guest or Real Money
  • Table size
  • Currency

If a table is full, find a seat by

  • Clicking Seat Finder
  • Choosing the lowest number of seated participant at the table
  • And Clicking Find My Seat

In the implausible case of a server crash which anticipates culmination of a hand, the hands in advance at each table (competitions and money recreations) will be reestablished by moving back these hands as though they had not happened. Every participant's chip tally will be reset to the sum toward the start of the hand. If you don't mind take note of that we don't assume any liability for singular disengagements and won't issue any discounts to them.

In the implausible case of a server crash which anticipates culmination of a hand, the hands in advance at each table (competitions and money recreations) will be reestablished by moving back these hands as though they had not happened. Every participant's chip tally will be reset to the sum toward the start of the hand.
If you don't mind take note of that we don't assume any liability for singular disengagements and won't issue any discounts to them.

In case you're separated from a table, you won't lose your seat in the amusement and if the table recognizes you've been disengaged, we'll make a few endeavors to reconnect you. If this ought to likewise come up short you have to attempt to re-interface and dispatch the table once more.

Topic - Game Integrity

Not at all! Any PokerLion representative or service provider who approaches inside data (participant records, concealed card hand histories, and so on.) may not play on PokerLion. This is to keep any conceivable mishandle of that inside data. Truth be told, the close relatives of such individuals likewise may not play on PokerLion either.

At PokerLion, we utilize complex BOT recognition strategies to defend the respectability of our diversions. No, we don't utilize prop participants!

At PokerLion, the security of our games is of the highest priority. We utilize best in class innovation to ensure honesty of our amusements. Our card rearranging framework has been tried and endorsed by internet business and web based gaming assurance and regulation, eCogra, for the irregularity.

Topic – Tournaments

If you have gotten a free ticket or won a ticket for a game and that game has been finished, at that point the ticket would have terminated and you cannot use it again. For each ticket granted you can see the expiry date adjacent to it.

In the far-fetched occasion that a Multi-Table Tournament that is in advance must be drop, and the competition can't be delayed, deferred by a couple of minutes or re-booked for a later date, the accompanying tenets apply:

  • If a competition with an ensured prize pool is crossed out, just the participant's aggregate purchase sum is discounted, not the ensured prize pool sum.
  • If all participants are still in the competition when the competition is crossed out, all buy-in investment sums and extra charges are discounted to the participants records.

If participants have been disposed of from the competition, however the prize structure has not been achieved the accompanying applies:

  • The rest of the participants get a part of the prize pool from all killed participants as it were. The sum each outstanding participant gets is ascertained proportionately, as indicated by the chips the participant had at the time the competition was drop.
  • If the split prize pool is not as much as the cost of the buy-in investment sum, including re-purchase and extra sums, all buy-in investment, re-purchase, add-on and extra charges are discounted to the players' records.
  • If the aggregate of the buy-in investment sums amassed preceding the competition beginning is not as much as the prize pool, the competition will be crossed out.

Note this:

When a player is eliminated from a competition and is qualified for a prize, they are paid their rewards. This does not have any significant bearing to Loyalty Points. These Loyalty Points are still just paid towards the finish of the competition. Important Point:
Players who are eliminated before the competition is crossed out get no discounts, or any piece of the prize pool.

Important Point:

Players who are eliminated before the competition is crossed out get no discounts, or any piece of the prize pool.

Yes of course, multi-tabling is one of the finest features presented to our players at our lobby.

Just choose the game, click on the game lobby on right hand side. Then again, you can double click on the chosen game as well. Click on join in game lobby, pick the sum and buy-in.

You may see upcoming poker competitions by choosing "Competition Schedule" in the PokerLion primary hall. You will see all poker competitions in advance (running), as of late finished poker competitions ("Completed"), and poker competitions which start soon ("Registering" or "reported"). For more data, feature any competition by clicking on it; at that point select "Competition Lobby".
Further to this, you might click on the Show Tournament advancement messages tab > Preferences where all upcoming Tournament Promotions messages are being advised to your convenience.

Topic – Money Chips & Games

No, you are not permitted to exchange play money chips for real money at PokeLion.

No, you cannot partake in games or cash tables with the play chips. You require real money to partake in games or cash tables.

When you open PokerLion lobby you will “find free play” tab below cash game to play with play money chips. You will acquire 2000 play money chips each day.

When you open PokerLion lobby you will “find free play” tab below cash game to play with play money chips. You will acquire 2000 play money chips each day.

You might play with the Play chips below cash games > Free Games segment. These chips are marked underneath Play Money section below the My Poker balances tab.

You might play with the Play chips below cash games > Free Games segment. These chips are marked underneath Play Money section below the My Poker balances tab.

Yes, you can begin playing poker on PokerLion with play chips beneath Free Games section.

The Play chips are free of cost chips you receive once you sign up at PokerLion. These chips are not actual cash chips, and the cash chip requires to be bought through a deposit of real cash in an account.

Topic – Real Money Chips

PokerLion never makes use of any participants’ account balance, as these funds are specially presented for you to play online on the website. We constantly make certain that our players PokerLion account is safe with us.

PokerLion does not demand any extra sum on your deposit. Lest you find any extra sum charged for your deposit. You ought to get in touch with your bank for additional information.

Yes, we do have deposit limits relevant for all Real Money players. These limits differ depending on your entire transactions and your connection term at our game site.

As of now you can’t transmit funds to another user via PokerLion. We might come up with this aspect in future.

PokerLion will never request you to send your credit card details via email. Clients should never send the credit card number or the three-digit security code via email.

You may confront this sort of issue if there is delay in Internet association or different specialized reasons. You may sit tight for quite a while to demonstrate the store sum in your PokerLion account. In the event that despite everything you confront an issue, you can contact client support for help.

As we acknowledge all VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX cards, you ought to have the capacity to store utilizing your card. In the event that it gets declined, we propose you contact your separate bank to discover an answer.

You can deposit funds via debit card, Net Banking and credit card through following steps:

  • Log into your account
  • Click on “cashier” button at the website
  • Choose available deposit preference such as, net banking, credit card, debit card etc
  • Input the card/bank details to finish the deposit process

Certainly you can play a game with real money at our site as we have numerous poker games online for you. For this you require to deposit by logging into your account by following steps:

  • Click on cashier
  • Choose from available deposit alternatives such as credit card, debit card,Net banking etc
  • Input the card/bank particulars and click on submit to finish the deposit procedure

Topic - Withdrawals / Winnings

Your Poker game winnings should show directly in your PokerLion account at what time you leave your game table or win a competition. For several promotions there might be a setback – please check the endorsement terms and conditions for additional information.

The lowest withdrawal sum on PokerLion is capped at ₹ 500.00 and we support our players to meet the betting needs prior to requesting for a withdrawal.

Indeed, there will be an expense reasoning of 30.9% on your net rewards sum more than ₹ 10,000.00/ - esteem.
PokerLion maintains all authority to deduct reserves in view of our inside examiners audit. Ought to there be any illuminations; do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support Team for advance help!

Yes, you are permitted to take out 400 if you meet the lowest betting requirements.

You can pull back all your accessible PokerLion adjust at any, as we give Express Redemption's through Net Banking.
All the Withdrawals can be managed as Express Redemption's and the sum will be subtracted from your PokerLion account right away.You should simply to give your Bank Account points of interest with IFSC Code and you are ready.

Topic – Loyalty Program

Of course, your loyalty points ends if there is 180 days of inactivity.

The Loyalty points are redeemable either through the shop or game ticket. For more information, please visit the Loyalty Page in “My Account" Where can I see my Loyalty tier movement?

Do you offer rakeback or cashback? No. PokerLion presently does not offer any cashback or rakeback offer. Nonetheless we do present loyalty points when you play with genuine cash at PokerLion. You may get parcel of advantage by amassing loyalty points. You can reclaim the points at store or you can join game with loyalty points (if the purchase sum acknowledges loyalty points)

There is no formal enlistment technique for the loyalty program. When you begin playing money, you begin gaining loyalty points. In any case, you won't procure any loyalty points for playing free rolls and competitions where the section to this competition is through a free ticket. What is the PokerLion Loyalty Program?

Participants can get four status levels and obtain content for playing genuine money games. For further details, please visit Loyalty program page

Topic – Achievements

Click on the Achievement in My Achievements page, which have a list of tasks. Each task has a depiction which shows you what you require to do to finish that task.

The entire Pips you have gathered is shown at the highest point of the My Achievements page, and this is refreshed as you finish each undertaking.
This page likewise indicates data for every Achievement. This incorporates the entire Pips required, the quantity of Pips you have gathered up until now and your general finish of the Achievement.

Does the Achievement that you are playing have more than one undertaking? Provided that this is true, you should finish all undertakings for the Achievement to gain the badge.

While we need your companions to be somewhat desirous, we would prefer not to overpower everybody at the table with how marvelous you are. Thus we can just permit a solitary badge on the table.

When you dive in and go along with us in the energizing field of genuine online poker cash games, we will shroud the play cash Achievements. You will maintain any play cash badges you totally earned, yet a few play cash Achievements not began or finished won't be accessible any longer.
What you receive consequently is a more extensive assortment of difficulties and assignments than was accessible in the play cash Achievements.

No! A few Achievements are accessible for players who are playing poker with play cash chips. These Achievements will procure you badge; however they have no related Pips.

Different players can just observe the badge that you have shown by your symbol. They can likewise observe the quantity of badges you have earned by clicking your badge, yet they can't perceive what singular badges you have earned.

Indeed! To do this, click the Privacy catch at the base of the page. In the event that you pick Privacy, you will keep on completing assignments and acquire badges, yet you won't get any warnings of your advance. You won't lose any badge when Privacy is turned on. Turn off the Privacy setting to get notifications.

Click badge of another player on the table to watch the Achievements they have. Evaluate this to your count of badge and play if they are more overwhelming than you!

Of course, we demonstrate your most recent badge on the table. On the off chance that there is badge that you are especially glad for and need to flaunt, you can set it as your showed badge in two diverse ways:

  • From the Achievements page, select the badge and click the Set as my Badge catch.
  • Click on the warning you get when you gain the Achievement on clicking the Set as my Badge symbol.

Pips are what we use to score the trouble of the undertakings. An assignment that is exceptionally hard to finish has a higher Pips an incentive than a simple errand. To gain a badge, you should finish assignments to gather enough Pips to ace that Achievement.
Most Achievements must be aced when the sum total of what assignments have been finished and all Pips gathered, yet now and again we may have Achievements that have a greater number of Pips accessible than are required to acquire your badge, which gives you the flexibility to pick which undertakings in an Achievement to finish.

Every Achievement is comprised of errands for you to finish, and the trouble of each undertaking is measured in Pips. When you have finished every one of the undertakings in an Achievement, you have aced that Achievement and you acquire badge. For instance, the Achievement called Training Wheels has badge with a tricycle on it. You ace this Achievement and acquire the badge when you have finished every one of the four undertakings. The aggregate Pips for every one of the four errands are just 25, as this is a simple Achievement. You can see all your earned badges in the Completed tab in My Achievements.

Accomplishments are acknowledgment of your online poker achievements. Ace Achievements and win badges through ability, constancy or simply blind luckiness.
The quantity of badges you acquire is a measure of how wonderful you are at online poker.

Topic – Bonus Codes

Choose and go through the bonus code which you see in the offers while buying.

Rewards at PokerLion vary in view of the utility and prerequisite of the player.
These rewards will fall into three unique classes as recorded below:

When you make your first store at PokerLion.com, you will be qualified for this reward. The measure of reward under this class might be settled or it might be a level of your store sum.
When you make a progressive store after your first store, you will be qualified for this reward. In view of the planning of the advancement, there might be some base store prerequisites for these rewards.
This reward can be a piece of an extraordinary advancement that we keep running at PokerLion.com. This can be "settled Bonus" (a settled reward for a base store), "Rate reward" (a level of sum in view of your store) or an "exceptional reward" (where we compensate our players which do not require a store).

Extra codes will be codes/series of letters or numbers that you have to enter while making buys at PokerLion.com. They enable you to benefit reward on your first and progressive buys. You can discover these extra codes on the Offers page. Extra codes contrast on the kind of your buys. They additionally have a legitimacy period.

Topic – Support

Have we not covered any of your questions? Email us at info@pokerlion.com or Call us at +91 704-445-5551 or Live chat with us. The Customer Support team of our website is available from 10:00 am to 06:30 pm & Saturday from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm

Topic – Why PokerLion

At PokerLion.com, we simply don't offer poker, we go past to offer you fun, happiness and the experience of playing poker to each player, regardless of whether you are an amateur, social poker player, semi-proficient poker player or an expert poker player. Our learn and prepare and poker blog segments at PokerLion.com address fundamental inquiries on the best way to play poker and the propelled methodologies to play poker, are a piece of our endeavors to upgrade and grow the group of poker players in India and spread the delight of playing poker among players.
Instead of posting the motivations to play poker at PokerLion, here are a few focuses on how we are focused on offering fun, euphoria and an affair.

Feeling depleted while experiencing a humongous rundown of tables? Need all your most loved diversions (and a couple of we think you'll like) initially? At that point welcome to the 1 Click Instant Play, where you can get to your amusement in only a single tick.
The little wins, the individual points of reference and the plays that will make an awesome story. Be glad for every one of them with Achievements.
Remain in front of your companions by following your score and interface with new companions for an all the more energizing social poker.
Skirt your present hand on the off chance that you don't care for it and search for another hand at another table.
Money recreations are the core of Poker. Play for few bucks or huge cash, to such an extent or as meager as you prefer, whenever of the day or night.
Like somewhat more structure to your play? Competitions might conceivably be your thing. There are over many competitions in a day to browse, so we're certain you'll see one to your loving.
Your record is your home far from home. Here, you can discover all that you have to take advantage of your opportunity at PokerLion on one simple to-explore page. Your profile is your open face; where you can flaunt your Achievements and stay up with the latest with your enormous wins and greater stories.
Watch your best (and most exceedingly terrible) hands again and again, or mortar a mind boggling prevails upon all your profile for your companions to appreciate.

Topic – Poker Chat

The rules below apply when utilizing chat feature for player:

  • Communication between players at the table is in English Language as it were
  • No specify of or publicizing for other Poker Rooms is allowed
  • The sending of different and successive messages to the talk window isn't allowed
  • No foul, injurious or offending dialect is allowed

In the event that you don't submit to these rules, it might bring the following steps:

  • Participant's visit includes being stopped.
  • Participants being precluded and expelled from the competition
  • Participants being restricted from the Poker Room

Take a Note: On the Anonymous Tables, remarks made while talking are unidentified. This guarantees identities of all players are ensured. Anyhow, every player will see their own assumed name while chatting. The House will even now utilize your genuine pseudonym to monitor talks, and guarantee rules are being followed.

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When you log into the Microgaming client, you will see all the online poker game formats available via the tabs; click on the tab showing the type of online poker game you want to play, and a window will be displayed with all the different real money poker games running or starting soon. Simply click on the game you want and you are good to go!

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