PokerLion gives autoplay option to the users when for some reason they wish to a break from their online poker game but do not wish to leave the game completely. The autoplay option of PokerLion also gets triggered, when the player gets disconnected from the game due to poor internet connectivity. It allows the user to stay on the table and not play the game up to 5 hands. Once a player is back to play, he just has to press “I am back” button at PokerLion game window.

Terms & Conditions

• PokerLion allows a player to use autoplay option or triggers the option automatically up to 5 hands in the game. If the player doesn’t return to the game within that time PokerLion drops the player from the game.

• PokerLion management will not be responsible if irregularities arise during the auto play protection feature.

• PokerLion management will not be responsible if the autoplay feature does not work for some of the poker games.

• PokerLion management also holds the right to remove or terminate the autoplay protection option from any poker game without any prior notice to the players.